Pallet Trucks


With limited space and packed warehouses, maneuverability is key. These tough pallet trucks with small turning radius give a boost to any warehouse, logistics or manufacturing operation.

Max. 120 mm

1,800 kg

600 mm

1,367 mm

Technical details


The ergonomic and long tiller arm keeps operators fresh while they have all controls within reach. With it's increased maximum lift height the 18EP pallet truck allows you to have easy access to steep ramps and loading docks. 

The programmable AC controller ensures the right settings for every job - from faster performance to smoother handling.

On top of that rounded fork tips and extra rollers make accurate and effortless pallet entry easy - speeding up handling cycles and preventing pallet or load damage. 

hyundai 18ep pallet truck side view in truck with person

Ideal for horizontal pallet movements and loading or unloading

AC controller to choose the right setting for any job

Move heavy loads more easily

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