HD Hyundai XiteSolution Electric Forklift transporting pallet

BE-X Series (1.6 - 2t)

BE-X Series (1.6 - 2t)

The new 16BE-X and 20BE-X Series battery-powered electric forklifts are 1.6-tonne and 2-tonne machines that are high on productivity, comfort and safety you expect from a world-class brand like HD Hyundai, but at a low-cost price.

1600 / 2000 kg

500 mm

3000-6000 mm

1890 / 1910 mm

Technical details

Product Overview

These budget-friendly but reliable machines are high on efficiency and low on energy and noise. They feature a deep drop type frame which means they have a low centre of gravity for greater stability. A redesigned cab offers extra space and comfort, with a higher seat height for improved visibility. BE-X Series electric forklifts are also high on safety, with many added features for peace of mind operating. With many energy saving features and reliable, quick replacement parts, these forklifts greatly reduce cost of ownership.

Reasons to choose the 1.6 and 2 tonne BE-X Series

High on comfort & efficiency

A comfortable operator is a productive operator. That’s why we’ve increased the cab space and added numerous functions that allow the operator to work more efficiently and comfortably.

  • A multifunctional digital cluster allows operators to check operating information in real time for safe and convenient equipment management.
  • The MCV lever is conveniently placed to the right of the operator to reduce movement and fatigue compared with the dashboard-fixed type.
  • Full-suspension Grammer seat has a seat belt switch, arm rests and an adjustable cushion to match the weight of the operator.
  • A higher seat height for better visibility and lower placed steps compared with conventional types for easy access.
  • Hydraulic boosted-type steering wheel has been reduced by 20mm for extra convenience and the wheel column can be tilted 12.5 degrees forwards or backwards to suit the operator.
HD Hyundai Electric Forklift Cab Digital Display

High on safety features

The risk of accidents while working has been fundamentally eliminated using scientific vehicle body design and effective safety systems.

  • Anti-Roll back system prevents the forklift from rolling down a slope when the accelerator and brake pedal are not applied.
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS) restricts driving when the operator leaves their seat in order to prevent accidents.
  • A maximum travel speed can be set to meet the safety speed of the site. There is also a 3 km/h travel speed limiter when driving with elevated load option.
  • Front and rear wireless cameras help with the safe positioning of pallets during high-rack operation.
  • Rear grip with embedded horn allows the driver to stay comfortable during reverse driving and operate the horn quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Front and rear LED working lights and optional beacon lamp, blue spots and red zone lamps indicate movement for the benefit of surrounding workers.
HD Hyundai Electric Forklift Cab Digital Display Rear View Camera

High on productivity

Productivity has been increased by making controls and servicing easier, while energy usage has been reduced by using more efficient parts.

  • Energy efficiency has been improved by 8.2% compared with the 9F Series thanks to more efficient drive and axle assemblies.
  • A single-drive axle system, IP 54 motors and 48V batteries allows the machines to be used outdoors for greater convenience.
  • Batteries are placed between the front wheels and rear wheels to lower the body’s centre of gravity, providing greater driving and lifting stability.
  • Easy selection of driving and mast work speeds to match work conditions, with the use of up/down buttons in the cluster.
  • Optional quick charging, longer lasting lithium-ion batteries allow extended hours of continued operation on a single charge.
  • For improved controller system reliability that meets EU safety regulations, a waterproof and dust-proof IP65 large-capacity ZAPI Controller is installed.
HD Hyundai Electric Forklift Loading Shelving Unit

Low on cost of ownership

BE-X Series electric forklifts have been designed to reduce costs using innovative energy saving features and reliable, durable and quick replacement parts.

  • Quick battery replacement from the side using a pallet truck, rather than expensive equipment like a crane.
  • Convenient battery charging by connecting a charger connector to a charging port, without the separation of battery cables connected to the frame.
  • Efficient hydraulic motor cooling system.
  • Safety warning sound and lamp indicator for low brake oil level, battery discharge, and high temperature in the controller and motor.
  • Waterproof and dustproof key switch increases the reliability of the electric/electronic system.
  • Sealed micro switches are used in the hydraulic control lever system, keeping it protected from outdoor dust and water for greater reliability.
HD Hyundai Electric Forklift mgv valves

FAQs about the 16BE-X and 20BE-X Electric Forklifts

What batteries do the 16BE-X and 20BE-X Electric Forklifts run off?

The 16BE-X and 20BE-X run off 48V lithium or lead acid batteries.


Can the 16BE-X and 20BE-X Electric Forklifts work outside

Yes. A single-drive axle system, IP 54 motors and 48V batteries allows the machines to be used outdoors for greater convenience.

What is the load centre of the 16BE-X and 20BE-X Electric Forklifts ?

Both machines have a 500mm load centre

What is the load capacity of the 16BE-X and 20BE-X Electric Forklifts?

1.6tonne and 2.0 tonne

What is the drive motor rating of the 16BE-X and 20BE-X Electric Forklifts?

Each has a drive motor of 9kw

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