BigMat acquires Hyundai Material Handling electric forklifts 

Big mat electric forklift

BigMat, the famous international brand of independent building material retailers, offers a wide range of materials to construction professionals and serious DIY-ers. In France, there are several hundred sales outlets across the country. Part of the Midi-Pyrénées region is represented by BigMat Camozzi, owned by Jean-Pierre Camozzi. Let's zoom in on the Auch branch which has just acquired three 30BH-9 electric forklifts. 

BigMat, a European brand, distributes a wide range of building materials and has 283 independent sales outlets across the country. In the Midi Pyrénées region, BigMat Camozzi has 10 sales outlets: 3 in Haute-Garonne, 4 in Gers, 1 in Tarn-et-Garonne and 2 in Tarn.

"We also have two concrete depots at Auch and Fleurance in Gers. The company originated from Fleurance, which is around 20 km from the Auch branch where we are at present"

, explains Lionel Marconato, Branch Manager at Auch, and formerly (until 2017) Branch Manager at Fleurance. A family business founded in 1939 by Pierre Camozzi, grandfather of Jean-Pierre Camozzi who is the current MD, the company has a turnover of 45 million Euro and 170 staff spread over all sites. The new Auch site, which opened in 2015, accounts for thirty of these.

Three 30BH-9 Hyundai Material Handling electric forklifts

Structural work, floor tiling, small tools, joinery, insulation, swimming pools, kitchens - BigMat Camozzi offers its customers a wide range. And to move, load, unload and store the materials which mostly arrive on pallets, it uses forklift trucks. In total, 40 forklifts are in use in the group, including 8 from Hyundai Material Handling at the Auch branch.

Mindful of the environment and the well-being of his staff, Jean-Pierre Camozzi wanted to change his forklifts for electric models. So BigMat Camozzi turned to dealer Delagnes Manutention, a long-term supplier to the company, to purchase 3 30BH-9 electric forklifts from Hyundai Material Handling.

"We have worked with BigMat Camozzi for around ten years"

, says Marcel Leite, co-director of Delagnes Manutention and dealer for Hyundai Material Handling.

Electric for the well-being of operators

Today and for several years now, BigMat Camozzi has focused on improving working conditions.

"In fact we are mindful of the well-being of the operators. Offering them electric forklifts is giving them tools which produce less dust, are much quieter and offer improved comfort, since they spend whole days on their forklifts"

, explains Sandrine Dumas, Communications Manager.

"Also, by using electric forklifts, there is less maintenance and of course we are saving fuel", adds Sandrine Dumas.
So to work on the Auch site, the company needed robust forklifts to do a full day's work every day, with a high load capacity, easy handling and great flexibility. The 30BH-9 model is ideal.

The 30BH-9 electric forklift from Hyundai Material Handling has a weight in running order of 5 tonnes and a load-bearing capacity of 3 tonnes. It provides high operator comfort, because the cab was designed for more space, a wider field of vision and greater convenience. The position of the accelerator and brake pedals has also been ergonomically optimised. An ideal component layout also allows easy access and easier maintenance.
Everyone at BigMat Camozzi is pleased with the efficiency of these forklifts, in particular Fleet Manager Christophe Derrey.


"I've always had diesel forklifts, and the difference from electric is huge. Comfort, ease of handling - it has a much tighter lock -, quietness, performance of tasks... Today, I wouldn't change it for the world, I certainly wouldn't go back to diesel"

, he explains.


"Before, I often had a headache from the noise and dust, but since then nothing", he adds. "And with electric there's no repercussion, which you really appreciate when you spend 8 hours on the forklift. Looking for pallets at a height of 6m is much easier with these models because the mast is straight. It's also very easy to get to grips with, almost immediate".

With regard to the battery, although it's good for around 1200 cycles, Christophe Derrey prefers to recharge it every two days so as to reduce load and guarantee optimum service life. Finally,

"maintenance is much easier, in particular because there are no fluids to drain".