Supplying spare parts at the Baselland Chemical and Life Sciences Infrapark with Hyundai fork-lift trucks

40 b-9-hyundai-in-the-warehouse
Numerous chemical companies are based at the Baselland Chemical Park in Muttenz near Basel. One of them is Bayer CropScience Schweiz AG, where its 300 employees produce crop protection products.

The extensive production facilities need to operate round the clock. Which is why, at several of its sites, Bayer CropScience has spare parts stores to keep important parts such as heat exchangers, electric motors, pumps and many more. Three Hyundai front loading forklifts - all on long-term leases from Dornach-based Stöcklin, Hyundai's agent in Switzerland - are currently in operation in the warehouses.

The yellow electric front loading forklifts are of types 40B-9 and 18-BT-9. The 4-tonner is deployed inside the warehouse accommodating large spare parts, that can weigh up to 3.5 tons and beyond. This warehouse, covering some 1,000 square meters of floor space, has triple deep racking to accept particularly heavy components such as motors and heat exchangers.

The Hyundai three-wheeler 18BT-9 operates in the second warehouse, where 12 rows of racks accommodate more than 4,000 articles and spare and wearing parts. Stöcklin provides full servicing for the machines, which operate for an average 500 operating hours each year.

The front loading forklifts, manufactured in South Korea, are robust and reliable and they come equipped with extensive fittings as standard. An 80V (700A) battery supplies power to the 40D-9 and the truck has a load capacity of 4,000 kg/500 mm LSP. For its work at Bayer it is fitted with a triplex mast to give a lifting height of 4,500 mm. Joysticks are fitted as standard. Bayer chose to have sensitive fingertip control with a tine adjuster attachment from CAM. The forks have been mechanically extended to adapt to what are often large loads. So that it can be used in the open air on Bayer's site, it is important that the loaded forklift can cope with inclines of up to 23%. Side-mounted battery changing, LED lighting, a Grammer-Primo seat, adjustable steering wheel, and the colour display unit for status indication, entering parameters, and making service settings, are all standard. When ready for operation the 40B-9 weights 6.8 tons. Two 10 kW drive motors and a 28 kW lifting motor ensure there is sufficient power in travel and for lifting/lowering.

The smaller 18BT-9 is a three-wheeler forklift with front drive and is very compact. It is only 2,875 mm long, measured to the front of the fork carriage, and 1,105 mm wide. When loaded it achieves a speed of 16 kph and it too is fitted with fingertip control and a triplex mast, giving 4,350 mm lifting height. Triplex masts providing up to 7,035 mm lifting height and 2,022 mm free lift can be supplied. This means that the compact 48V universal model (585 Ah) can adapt to challenging situations inside the warehouse. 160 bar of pressure is available for accessories.

Monitor features include:
a modern LCD monitor with intelligent 3.5" graphic display unit, ensuring efficient and straightforward control of the machine. The driver can select from several different languages (maximum 11). The monitor displays the speed and the power stage, the steering angle and the direction of travel, the battery charge status, as well as operating hours and operating type. With the optional load display it is possible to see the weight of the load on the screen. The operator can select from several different operating types, according to the working conditions. H (high mode), N (normal), E (economic) operating modes; slow (turtle mode - shows a turtle symbol), maximum travel speed 7 kph in lift operation.