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It is important to clearly recognize the oriented goal for HCE brand when it comes to brand communication activities.
Brand value of HCE originates from the company’s history and founder’s spirit and it can be a source of provision of what we should think, what to say, and how to do it. This value can be the basic foundation to express ourselves.

The core brand value of HCE is promise and effort to customers receiving more performances and benefits ultimately through HCE and it must be able to provide challenge, efficiency, and trust in products and services in a variety of fields. These activities need to continue with consistency in all customer contacts. 

HCE - Brand Values and Essence

Protect the Brand for Our Customers

Each customer as a stake in protecting the Hyundai brand name. The Hyundai brand has been vital in helping to build a business for many of our customers.

Protect the Brand for Our Employees

At Hyundai Construction Equipment, our name is our reputation - a reputation employees have spent years helping us build. Hyundai employees put it best when they said, "Our innovation and our quality put our machines ahead of everybody else. And we're keeping ahead of them with all of our improvements. We're the leader, and all other are followers."

Protect the Brand for Our Dealers

Our valued network of Hyundai Construction Equipment dealerships also understands the value of keeping our brand name strong. "Without the Hyundai brand identity, our products are just a commodity." The Hyundai name stands for best-in-class. Competitors would like nothing better than to equate their products to ours.