Interested in becoming a Hyundai Dealer?

There are several key ingredients that have contributed to the success of the Hyundai Construction Equipment, Forklift and Warehouse product lines over the past 26 years: design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and support. When you read “distribution” – think “dealers”.

Hyundai Construction Equipment has long believed that a strong dealer organization plays a strategic role, and has invested heavily in developing a dealer network that is unsurpassed. In dealer circles, Hyundai Construction Equipment has a reputation of working with – partnering – with its dealers. The result is a strong core group of dealers who are passionate about building and strengthening the Hyundai brand worldwide.

If you share that vision and are interested in becoming a Hyundai dealer if you believe you have what it takes to join an industry leading dealer organization, click on the link at the bottom of the page to provide us with the basic business and personal information. All information will be held confidential. Upon completion of your dealer inquiry, a representative from Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe will contact you to discuss any opportunities.


Because we are committed to a successful, long term partnership with our dealers – we have high expectations of potential dealer applicants that will ensure this success and continue to enhance the Hyundai experience. These expectations include (but are not limited to): minimum capital and financial requirements

  • Location and facility requirements (existing or new)
  • Operational and staffing requirements
  • Branding requirements

As outlined in our privacy policy, the information you provide here will remain confidential.


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