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With the 40TA-7 Hyundai is able to meet the demands of our customers. Hyundai’s 40TA-7 and 15PA-7 electric towing trucks provide quiet and environmental friendly operation in all kinds of business; from automotive up to alimentation factories.

4000 kg

1565 mm

Technical details


The Hyundai 40TA-7 are the tow trucks of choice for many indoor towing applications, particularly in the automotive industry. Designed to pull or tow heavy loads rather than lifting them, the Hyundai Material Handling warehouse tow truck has many applications in a wide variety of situations, both warehouse and industrial.


Your operators will find these tow trucks a pleasure to handle. The automatic drive wheel centring means that the truck will always start in a straight line and its acceleration is smooth and controllable. Moreover, its short turning radius, progressive steering and automatic speed reduction in curves, ensures maximum controllability and maneuverability at any speed.

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