Diesel Forklift Trucks

STAGE V 35D-9VB 40D-9VB 45D-9VB 50DN-9VB

Hyundai's new Stage V 9VB series stand for a smart generation of material handling diesel forklifts, complying with the European Stage V emission levels but moving much further beyond that. Check out the smart features that save you costs and improve the driver's performance!

3,500 / 4,000 / 4,500 / 4,990 kg

600 mm

54.4 kW


Technical details



Discover the clever technology boosting your performance, your operator comfort and safety. Benefits for both operator and owner!

1. Groundbreaking Economic Engine - fuel efficiency is increased by 33%

2. Rexroth Load Sensing Pump

3. Integrated Hyundai Power Train

4. Outstanding Ergonomics for great operator comfort

5. Best Standard Warranty

50DN-9VB hyundai forklift on blue background

1. Groundbreaking Economic Engine

The 9VB series is equipped with a powerful 2.9L HMC D4CC diesel engine that produces 55KW while complying with European Stage V environmental regulations. It also achieves impressive cost savings by delivering excellent performance with 33% increased fuel efficiency.

load sensing mvc

2. Rexroth load Sensing piston pump

The engine is combined with a Rexroth variable load-sensing piston pump in conjunction with a new MCV (mechanical or fi ngertip) from Buchholz. This hydraulic system, based on demand of fl ow, reduces the power take-off from the engine while driving and therefore the fuel consumption.

3. Integrated Hyundai powertrain

NEW: The transmission and drive axle are developed entirely by Hyundai Core Motion for enhanced durability and productivity.

4. Outstanding Ergonomics for great operator comfort

The spacious cabin with 1-door or 2-door (split type) version is designed to provide every driver with a comfortable working environment . The most important
controls are positioned within easy reach. A premium quality Grammer seat is installed as standard, air conditioning and/or heater is integrated in the headliner, ensuring a comfortable driving position all day, even in rough working conditions.

5. Best Standard Warranty

All new stage V models come with best industry standard warranties.
On top of that he powertrain standard warranty has been extended by 33%, from 3,000 to 4,000 hours.*
(*Conditions apply. Please discuss the optimal solution for your needs with your dealer.)

Full control cluster

The enhanced instrument cluster makes it easier to manage the machine set-up, di-agnostics and maintenance. All settings can be entered directly into the cluster, eliminating the need for an external computer.

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